The Nursery {Chapter 1}

>> Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How in the world am I almost 25 weeks pregnant! When I get back from the holidays I am going to crack down on this whole nesting thing. I have a list a mile long of things I would like to get done before we become a party of 3. If I shoot high, I'm sure to get at least half accomplished right? First up, clean the junk out of the future baby's room. For those who asked yesterday, here is a quick sketch I have showing how the one room works as two, plus some preliminary ideas for how I will layout the furniture in the baby's room.

And because I need to see everything 3-dimensional before I can commit,
I went ahead and built one of these.
So the room is windowless and pretty tiny, but I know city babies who sleep in walk in closets, so I'm not too concerned about that. We are attempting to cover the ugly plumbing pipe with custom bookshelves, and you've seen how we are separating one room from the other with curtain panels. The big goal with that is to give the humongous baby stroller a hiding spot when it's not in use.

As far as finishes go, I do not really have a direction yet.
Although I am pretty smitten with these Paper Boy wallpapers.
But these seem to be a little more for big boys, so I've been looking at other wall graphics.
Then there is always old faithful.
If I were having a girl, I would totally be DIYing this Dwell pattern out of contact paper,
minus some of the details.
 decisions, decisions.

On a sad note, my glider came last week. Wrong color! Bad Target, bad Hiatt Furniture. Not good for a future mama who is trying to check things off her list. I sent it back and am considering canceling the order all together and getting the Rena Chair by Best at a local store. That way I can custom order the fabric.

Lastly, can someone give me the 411 on crib bumpers? Aesthetically, I want one, but I have read enough about them to make me terrified of them. BUT everyone seems to have one. What's the deal?

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