What Are the Chances?

>> Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What are the chances that a couple of people in NYC would be barbecuing last weekend, catch some very parched trees on fire, and ruin our almost complete patio? Apparently pretty high. (it was the neighbor, not my client)

I have learned from this project how fun designing outdoor spaces can be. One of my first encounters with fabulous outdoor design was on a business trip to Las Vegas several years ago. While working at HBG I had the opportunity to attend the Hospitality Design Show a couple of times. On my first trip I took a tour of the Red Rock Casino and Resort and fell in love. I could live at this pool.

We learned on the tour that the overhang in the photo above is actually faux finished to look like wood. Pretty good right?
This is the penthouse balcony. George Clooney is supposed to have frequented this resort at one time. I could probably handle doing the same.

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