This Side Stand Up and Yell for the Green and White

>> Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Anyone else go to UCA camp in high school? My high school colors were kelly green and white. And after years of having to wear a cheerleading uniform to school bi-weekly, I shunned everything kelly green from my wardrobe. After graduating from design school, I would not even acknowledge it as an acceptable interiors color, with visions of the school gym still floating in my head. Well, 11 years later, I've changed my mind. This was a very popular image from Domino magazine a couple of years ago.

And this is a sneak peak of our very slowly evolving new apartment.
Excuse the mess in the office. It very quickly became a fast and furious work space before I had time to take a pretty picture for the blog. And this is our new sofa! I forgot to blog about that as well. We scored a floor model of West Elm's Goodwin sofa for 1/2 price. We Sabbes love a good deal.

So back to green. I'm thinking I'll paint the walls in the living room something close to the magazine boxes on the office shelf. What do you think?

Another random side note. I was a middle school cheerleader as well and our school was called Bellevue Middle School, and most of the cheers contained "B.M.S". Well coincidentally I married a man with the same initials and lucky for him I still remember some of my cheers. And he is 100% mortified to see his 28 year old wife doing 8th grade cheerleading cheers. But hey, when you still got it.....

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