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>> Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Remember in college, when one of your friends liked a boy and you knew where he lived, you would do the occassional drive by to see if he was home. Wait! are my crazy friends the only ones who did that? I remember being a part of a drive by or two in my college days. My favorite involved actually egging the boy of interest's house (because that's how you get a man), wearing full camo, with the get away car being a topless convertable. I believe the driver is actually now a lawyer. Ohhhhh, those were the days.

Well, designer's and architects do the same thing with our projects. Of course there are scheduled site visits, but if we're in the area and there is something that's been on our mind, a drive by may occur.{sidenote: new construction only! residential clients, I promise I'm not peeping in your windows} I moved last year right before the ground breaking for an elementary school that I was the interior designer for. Any of my Memphis readers live in Midtown? While working with HBG I designed the interior for the new Grace St. Luke's building.

I am dying to know how it all turned out. I think.  Another major problem with moving before a project is complete is you are not around to make sure your design is executed as you intended. I actually think a little birdie told me that my large, graphic wallpaper idea, with the children on it, did not happen. But I am dying to know what did. Anyone up for a drive by?

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