Adoption Fundraiser

>> Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This is another one for you Memphians!! My friend Wendy and her husband Randy are planning to adopt two little ones from Ethiopia. Do ya'll know how expensive adoption is? I had no idea until I started getting to know families who were going through the process. Adoption is crazy expensive. But wow, what an amazing thing! As a Christian, I am particularly touched by adoption. We were, after all, adopted into a family we were not born to. I see adoption as such an awesome opportunity to mimic our Father.

Randy's sister is a photographer and she is scheduling photo shoots September 10th-12th in Memphis and all of the proceeds with go towards bringing the Provence's youngest children home. Here are the details...

And if you are not in the Memphis area, you can still support the Provence's adoption by purchasing one of Wendy's amazing custom quilts.
For more information about the photoshoot or to learn more about their adoption journey visit their blog.

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