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>> Friday, July 2, 2010

Most of you know, Mr. Sabbe and I lived in Memphis for 3 years before we moved to Boston. We have a huge heart for Memphis and I'm pretty sure there are a few Memphians out there who still read this blog. And if you read this blog, you are probably into design, crafts, DIY, etc. Well I just heard about an opportunity for you to put all of those interests to great use. See below.

This is the Abrams family and you will get the opportunity to help remodel their home.
The Abrams live in Binghamton. Click HERE learn more about Binghamton and what they and other families are doing to make Memphis a better place.

Sidenote: Have ya'll seen Police Women of Memphis!? Love it. Sidenote 2: For those who have asked, Mr. Sabbe will not be featured on Boston Med. But he does work at The Brigham and does have all the inside scoop on who is really nice and who is not. Love it too!

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