I Have Loved You...

>> Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Well, maybe not forever. But I have loved these chairs since I strolled through Anthro a couple of months ago and test drove them all.
Unfortunately they are all out of my current budget, plus Mr. Sabbe doesn't like any of them (boys). 
But have you seen the newest IKEA armchair?
I know it does not look anything like the chairs above, but we plan to buy 2 this week and I have a seriously good Ikea Hacker job in mind. On a non-chair related note, have you seen this IKEA toddler bed?
cutest. thing. ever.

Mr. Sabbe and I had a hot date to IKEA Saturday night, Swedish meatballs included. I always give "if I were a single man with no money, this is what I would do on a date" scenarios. IKEA would be one of them. Maybe not a first date, maybe second.  

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