A Little Bit Bollywood Giveaway!

>> Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We are back from the beach and it is good to be home! Today I have another fun giveaway from the folks over at CSN. They literally have a million things to choose from, whether you are looking for anything from a vanity to a vase, but today we're giving away a pillow!

India has been making a big splash in the American mainstream over the past couple of years. We see it in music, film, fashion, and all types of design, from graphics to interiors.  I was actually in one of my favorite Indian take out places, here in Boston, a couple of months ago and spied an India Elle Decor on the counter. Everything was gorgeous! I didn't realize there were different issues for different countries.

On a side note, I am totally infatuated with all things Bollywood. My friend Sheetal can attest to that. I have already discussed with her what I plan on wearing to her wedding, and she is not even engaged. Mr. Sabbe has a handful of good guy friends from med school who will also have traditional Indian weddings one day, and I have told them all that I plan to perform some sort of pre-choreographed dance routine as a part of my wedding gift to them. Henna... fun jewelry.... and miles and miles of Indian food... can one of you please get married already!!?

Today I am featuring three Koko Company Pillows from CSN's AllModern.com,  to give you all the opportunity to work a little Bollywood into your home.

I love them all! To enter just tell me which of the three you would pick.
Also let me know if you subscribe and I will enter you twice.
I will randomly pick a name next Tuesday the 6th. Good Luck!

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