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>> Saturday, May 1, 2010

Stephanie had asked me to comment on my take on the "Man Cave".  A big TV, large sofa, pool table, bar, etc.  All of those things sound nice, but I would definitely rather have my "Man Cave" be the Great Outdoors.  I have had little luck finding examples which  blend this nicely but I found a home on which could definitely provide the framework for what I would like my "Man Cave" to be one day.

Stephanie and our future daughter

Room for a grill

I am sure you could fit a 40" TV next to that fireplace

I do like to cook

Unfortunately not much of a "Man Cave", but I think sitting in a basement with sports paraphanealia all over the walls is not quite my cup of tea.  I would rather be at Neyland Stadium, on the golf course, hiking the Franconia Ridge, or sitting on on any beach with my beautiful wife.

P.S. Stephanie comes home tomorrow.

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