Come On Skinny Love Just Last the Year

>> Thursday, April 8, 2010

A prize goes to the person that can name that song. It has been stuck in my head ever since our road trip to the Cape.

My skinny love is THIS. About three months ago Real Simple started mysteriously appearing in my mailbox. And unlike the US Weekly that I "borrow" from my neighbor before she gets home, these have actually had my name on them. I don't know where they came from but they have revolutionized the Sabbe household.  I love all the tips, they inspire me to be a better wife. But what I am REALLY loving are the recipes. They are...real simple. There are only a handful of ingredients and most of them are less than 25 minutes start to finish. Here are some of our favorites from the past couple of weeks.
First up, the easiest recipe ever.

And second, the fennel slaw on this burger was to die for and sweet potato fries are my fave.
And last, I had never tried Israeli couscous. It was delicious, a little heartier than traditional couscous. And dried apricots are pretty much my favorite dried fruit ever.

Mr. Sabbe has promised me that if the Real Simple Fairy quits visiting our house, he will make sure Real Simple continues to show up in our mailbox.

Not kidding about the song. Do you know? I am so obsessed with it.

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