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>> Wednesday, March 10, 2010

After working for a hospitality design firm for three years, I became very familiar with the work of the David Rockwell.  The Rockwell Group is up there on the list of hospitality design greats. Recently they completed their first Beantown project with Ames Boston and I was pleased to open up the new online version of Hospitality Design magazine this afternoon (thank you for going online HD magazine) and find a wonderful article on the project.

The concept was to mix the old with new, the modern-minimalist with the traditional Bostonian. The cloud-like light fixture in the first image is made of hundreds on mirrored Mylar disks. The furniture in the guestrooms is intended to reflect Federal-style furniture. I love the three commemorative plates on the headboard wall, such an unexpected twist on mixing old and new. The shelves in the dining area are filled with flea market finds found by design team. How fun is that!? Why haven't any of my commercial projects ever include a trip to the flea market?

Here is a video interview with David Rockwell describing his design concept for the 2009 Academy Awards. I always think it's interesting to hear about design from the designers themselves. If I experience 10% of the success this man has had, in my own design career, I would be a happy, happy woman.

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