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>> Thursday, March 11, 2010

My friend Carlee did a post on Chloe Redmond Warner today and I hopped on over to her site to check it out. What I loved about her work is the variety of style, use of materials, and sheer authenticity. Each project looks entirely unique from one to the next. There are two ways to run a design practice. #1- you develop your style and you become know for that style. People come to you because they like and want that style. #2- you become a good designer who can take on modern, understands the details involved in traditional, and appreciates all the shades of gray in between. #1 is fine. Many of the greats, including Frank Lloyd Wright, are #1s. But I am working towards #2. I like to be challenged and I get bored with the same ole same ole. I think Warner is more of a #2. Here is one of my favorites.

A pair of womb chairs and an egg chair! You can get the funky umbrella stand here.
Go to her website if you want to understand the depth of design I am talking about.

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