New Skirt, check. Gorgeous Day, check.

>> Saturday, March 20, 2010

I cleaned my house and made my skirt last night. You should give it a try. It literally took 30 minutes.
I should have blind stitched the bottom, but that would have ruined the 30 minute part. Please excuse the fact that I don't quite have it on straight in this picture. It's hard to be your own stylist. And because I am short, I made mine a little shorter and made it sit a little lower on my waist than Susan's.
{exciting Friday night, I know} 
But I wanted to be prepared for this....
I'm headed to brunch and then going to check out a new interiors shop called J.E.M in the South End. I read about it in Elle Decor last month. If I add a lot of coffee to this equation, it could turn out to be the perfect day.

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