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>> Friday, March 26, 2010

This week has been exhausting. I have worked past 9 pm every night (still working with an architecture firm outside the city). And since we're operating on opposite schedules, I forgot what Mr. Sabbe looks like (just kidding).  But I wanted to let everyone know that the BCAE is offering 25% off all classes if you sign up in March. So go and sign up for my sewing classes. I'm scheduled for three. The first is the Sewing for Babies Class, then an Apron class, and then Sewing for Beginners. Something for everyone!

Here is the flier I posted around South End and Beacon Hill last weekend.
Ahhh, last Saturday...sunny, shopping, and coffee. And this Saturday you ask?'s gray, it's snowing, and I'll be cranking away on a set of construction documents that are due by 5pm tomorrow night. What a difference a week can make! Have a great weekend!

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