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>> Monday, January 25, 2010

I will be honest, I liked the end table makeover I posted last week, but I didn't love it. Friday Lindsey sent me a text to let me know that Anthropology was having a 40% off all home good sale. I'll do a full post later on why it is a good idea to become real friends with your local blog friends. So Saturday morning I pleaded with Mr. Sabbe to please give one more try to removing the old, painted hardware...and low and behold... it came off. I immediately walked over to Anthro, which is dangerously located 3 blocks from my house, and bought these...both for $5! Aren't they pretty!? They remind me of big grandma earrings. I love them.

This evening I made these pillows. I have had this fabric since last spring when I was working on a large hotel project with my last firm. It was a sample we ordered for a headboard (i.e. it was free) It looks a little off in these photos, but they really go nicely with the end table.
 Let's play I Spy. Do you notice anything weird about these pillows? Not the stripe, that was purposeful. Look closer, see anything?
And that's it. I think I can confidently say I am finished with our living room (for now). Before and aftter shots later this week. I picked up some other hardware for a dresser in our bedroom. It will soon be making it's blog debut. The dresser is from my nursery when I was a baby, so I am trying to get my mom to send me a before{circa 1981} shot.

FYI: There is a hint of a mustache on the second pillow. I was thinking I would be funny and put mustache appliques on the tops of both pillows, so you could hold them up to your nose and look like you had a 'stache. Then I decided that was a bit too kitschy and aborted the idea. Well I the crushed the velvet texture on the one and did not realize it until I looked at these photos. It makes me laugh. I'm leaving it.

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