RISD Museum of Art {conference room}

>> Tuesday, December 15, 2009

While in Providence we were able to swing by the RISD Museum of Art (which we found out is free after 4 pm) The art was great, but the conference room was awesome. I LOVE this huge graphic wallcovering. And the white trim + blue/gray wall paint in the gallery makes the entire space feel perfect. Look at the ant chairs around the conference table. And the benches in the gallery....love, love it all.

The entire musuem (architecturally) was great. The photo to the left is a view from an indoor vestibule that connected one side of the museum to the other. The photo on the right is from the main lobby.

So if I didn't want to go to grad school after a quick pass outdoors, now I definitely do.

Dear RISD,
I really, really, really want to come to your school and get my Masters so that I can advance my design skills and apply for a job like this one day. The only catch is, I have a husband who is a professional student and if I became one too, we might not be able to pay our rent.
Sincerely yours, Stephanie Sabbe

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