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>> Thursday, November 19, 2009

You know how you come across images ever so often that are not perfect for everyone...but are perfect for you. That happens to me often because I have no loyalty to one particular design style and when on an image hunt, 9 out of 10 times fall passionately obsessed with something. I came across this kitchen/dining room space the other day and immediately went into that mode.

 I love the juxtaposition of so many different styles. The mid-century chairs + the ornate mirror + the uber modern kitchen cabinetry + the stainless steel appliances + the natural wood table top + the walls that are so dark I would typically hate them...but I don't = design love.
I think I like it the most because it appears to be a super small space and I now live in a super small space, so I am always on the look out for those who make it work. Did you notice the mirrored backsplash on the kitchen run? Clever, clever. At first look I thought it was an opening to another room.

p.s. They don't cook. Want to know how I know? Scroll back up, the only sink is a bar sink.

p.p.s.  I just noticed that this room almost matches my blog header to a random, I just found the image Monday. All it needs is a little touch of animal head:)

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