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>> Monday, October 5, 2009

You probably cannot tell from my blog, but I am a graphics fanatic. I swoon over great graphic design.

I took {audited} a very intense graphic design class my senior year in college. The professor was amazing and the number one thing that stuck with me was a realization of bad graphics. I learned that bad graphics include most things formatted on Powerpoint and all things under the category of clip art. I learned that distorting font is highly forbidden. I had no idea! I learned that people design font and when you streeeetch it, and squish it, etc, etc. you are ruining their design. I had no idea!

Point of this post is, my blog has bad graphics. I know some people do some pretty amazing things in blogspot. But it's really not working for me these days. I need to be able to easily upload BIG pictures, without it automatically inserting 4 spaces after each image. I want things to upload fast, and neatly, and BIG.

Any new site recommendations?? Or, if you are a die hard blogspotter, any tips? I don't even want to write a post these days because I feel like everything takes too long to make look pretty and what good is a blog, if it's not pretty?

Update: OR can someone tell me how you get the template with two skinny bars on each side and wide in the middle? I don't see that as a standard option. Maybe  I won't leave blogger.com. I realized when I changed my border that I do not really want to have to learn the new tricks of a new site. UNLESS that new site is SO awesome. Thanks!

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