Designer's Home Tour {Jenny in Knoxville}

>> Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jenny and I go way back. We sat across from each other during studio, our first year in design school. During our second year in school I once referred to Jenny as my school BFF. She scolded me for the school suffix, so I dropped it and we became real BFFs. The following years we were Senior Thesis partners, #1 fans of Jessica Simpson during her Newlywed years, and Jenny stood in my wedding 9 months pregnant {literally, wedding was on Saturday, baby was born on Tuesday}

Jenny is a dear friend and fantastic designer. While I have worked mainly in the commercial world the past 6 years, Jenny has focused more on residential design. Every time I visit, her house gets cuter and cuter and this week I was lucky enough to get some pictures in my inbox.

She's promised kids room pictures next. She has the cutest kids and kids rooms I have ever seen. Jenny, we're holding you to it!

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