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>> Monday, September 14, 2009

I am a purist designer. Always have been. I understand why Frank Lloyd Wright wanted to design everything from the house to the placemat. If someone would let me, I would too.

Little things bug me, throw off a whole space. A contractor forgot a drywall reveal in the last commercial space I designed. It bugged me so much I almost made him rip out the whole conference room ceiling. Then I took a breath and realized that no one was going to miss it but me.

In residential design, one of my peeves is alarm clocks. You need them. Everyone needs them. But usually I think they are very ugly and throw off and entire bedroom scene. Have you noticed that in most photographed homes, the alarm clock is always conveniently out of sight?

For two of the last three months I had convinced Mr. Sabbe to use his phone for his alarm clock. A couple of weeks ago his phone alarm didn't go off and he had to start a 38 hour work day showerless. He was not happy and informed me we would be getting a real alarm STAT.

Later that day I came across an alarm clock his mom had given us before we moved. It's the Bob from Brookstone and it has become the perfect compromise. It hardly bugs me at all.
It's also kind of fun. It bobbles. And because we have this nice little ledge, zoe doesn't bobble it onto the floor.... like she did in our previous house....which is why it was in a drawer.
In craft related news, I made the bolster you see out of some $5 fabric and a body pillow from Target. Cheapest fill ever and it fits perfectly across our bed.

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