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>> Thursday, July 9, 2009

Well, with my trip canceled and the clouds persisting, I have zero excuses to postpone my inevitable job hunt. If you haven't heard {ha,ha} we're in a recession. The architecture and design industry is usually hit first and recovers last and unfortunately the Sabbe's can't afford for me to wait it out. And hanging out in the apartment with Zoe and Ellen is getting kind of boring.

I've never had to job hunt in a bad economy! I've always had a really easy time finding a job and I have a feeling this process is to give me a really big dose of humility. Not to mention I am waaaay above the Mason Dixon line, where every other person has a Masters from Harvard and could not point to the University of Tennessee {go vols!} on a map.

I went to an IIDA cocktail party the other night and met some local designers. It was fun, but sad...there were 20 year veterans who had been laid off 6 months ago and had still not found jobs. I made friends with a furniture rep, who probably for no other reason than to make conversation, gave me the "Now, How are you going to make yourself different?....You must think outside the box" speech. At that moment I was nodding, glass of wine in hand, and thinking this is the most depressing party ever. But it was good advise.

So after another week and a half of procrastination...I'm ready to rise to the occassion. To start things off I've revamped a portfolio website that I've had for a couple of years. Here is my new home page....
It's just a start and I have much more to do before it's ready to be sent out. What I'm really focusing on to try and "set myself apart" is a branding package. All good retailers do it. I just happen to be selling myself. Seriously, would you buy Method if the bottle wasn't so cool? Do you really love the environment and care about the lifecycle of that product that much....or do you really love design and a pretty package? We know Marianne's vote.

I'm still sewing part time! And I have lots of fun bedroom projects to unveil later this week. Stay tuned.

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