Oh Deer...not again

>> Saturday, June 20, 2009

We are almost done getting the main living space of our little Boston apartment situated. I still have little things to do, like make new curtains, maybe some pillows, and figure out how to make my seriously unfortunate kitchen look cool. But all it all, it's there. Downsizing from 1400 s.f. to 800 s.f. does not leave you with a lot of new furniture needs.

So today I am sitting looking at the bare wall over our sofa, thinking...what does this wall need? And it hit me!

I found these on Etsy in this little shop. Aren't they fun! And no animals were harmed in the process. I wish I could afford them, but I can't. I wish I could make them myself, but I'm stumped there too. If anyone sees a full sized, toy deer head out there will you let me know? I'm thinking I could decoupage it and get a similar result. OR do you have any other ideas? I would love to hear them! I know it's a phase and I'll be over this deer thing soon. And I know our new Boston friends will come over and think I'm a total weirdo for wanting a deer head {well location doesn't actually change that, my TN friends felt the same way} But I want one, I really, really want one.

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