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>> Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ta-da! This is the cute shop around the corner from my house I told you about last week.

Isn't it cute!? Doesn't it scream craft shop!!

I called the number. It's 800 s.f....and $3200/month! yikes. I honestly thought it would be more. But I'm thinking you would have to be the best fabric selling, craft teaching, business woman ever to even come close to breaking even. And I am totally not the later of those three.

Don't you want to come here and buy Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, and Joel Dewberry fabrics and learn how to make cute stuff while we drink coffee {and or wine} and talk about all things woman!? I want a Purl Soho/ Purl Patchwork Boston and I want it now! I'm going to NYC next weekend. I may have to go and try to solicit some free business woman advice.

See the interior....all white, with a cute little painted metal ceiling. Perfect museum like background for billions of fun fabrics.

So if you happen to be independently wealthy {or a trustfunder who has been looking for something great to spend your money on, that may not necessarily make you more rich, but is guaranteed to make you more happy} give Boston {and me} the little fabric store we need! pleeaaaaase!

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