Boston!? Where to Go...What to Do

>> Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Boston people {who like sewing, baking, interior design, and cats}....are you there?

I need help!! {you can like dogs too}

Someone start a cute fabric store in the Back Bay/ South End area...please!
Stock Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, Michael Miller....or better yet...
all the stuff on the JCaroline website.
You'll be a millionaire, well maybe not a millionaire, but I'll be your #1 customer.
I thought for sure there would be something like THIS around here. I actually had mentally planned a shop like this being a major part of my life in Boston. I saw a cute little vacant shop on Columbus today. The storefront is already painted purple. I'm telling you...big business! Snatch it up!

Have you read Friday Night Knitting Club? I imagine it like that, except sewing instead of knitting.
I tend to get a little wrapped up in my reading. I'm currently wishing Mr. Sabbe were a vampire.

I have a three year anniversary coming up next week.
Any best restaurants {with best prices} suggestions? Fun date ideas?

Church suggestions?
We would love to walk to church. We're in the Back Bay/ South End area.
Our last churches was non-denominational. We miss it.

and least for today
Anything else?
I read the Boston versions of Daily Candy and Apartment Therapy
{ps. can these people please invite me over for coffee! this house is amazing and thanks to my all day hunt for a Massachusetts drivers license, I'm very familiar with Chinatown}
A sweet friend bought us the NFT Boston Guidebook, but I'm positive there are millions and millions of best kept secrets out there that people are dying to share with this wee little southern transplant!!

Thanks in advance! My email address is over in the right column.

And big thanks to Lindsey over at Everything LEB for already extending some huge northern hospitality.

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