May 10, 2009 to Present

>> Sunday, May 31, 2009

Co-worker gives a 7 week notice for me
Packed 1400 sf of stuff into POD
Yard sale to get stuff to fit in 800 sf apartment
Spent night with neighbor
Creeped out new home owner by leaving car on the street, in front of house, post ownership
Moved into friends Mud Island apartment while they vacationed in Europe
Graduated Downline
Threw a Sip and See
Applied for passport to replace original, which was lost in the move
Yard Sale #2 with friends
Moved to friend's couch, Husband moved to other friend's couch down the street
Fun going away party
Moved to downtown apartment while friend #2 vacationed in Europe
Got a sinus infection
Threw the "Better Halves" night out on the town
Fun going away party #2
Moved back to couches
Living out of car
Officially quit my job
Moved into hotel room
Mr. Sabbe became Dr. Sabbe
Celebrated Memphis style{4 am Raifords}
Bryan's sweet Grandfather died
Re-route Boston trek to go through Detroit for funeral
Re-route again to avoid Canada, who won't let me through without my passport
God knows I'm a crier. IE. Leaving my first home + some of the best friends I'll ever have + the best neighbor ever + a pretty cool place to work would typically put me in sob mode.
But I haven't shed a tear.
I know He has given me this pace to help me through what truly is the hardest thing to bear...
saying goodbye

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