Off to the Beach

>> Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We are about to head out. Unfortunately {for Mr. Sabbe} my nails are wet and I can't help him pack the car.

Do you want to know how crazy things have been for us around here?! Let me tell you all the crafts I've done that I have not been able to photograph and post.

1. Made fancy curtains for my living room, from $20 panels from Walmart
2. Re-upholstered living room chair cushions
3. Gave new life to an old piano bench by re-upholstering the seat with a fun hounds tooth print.
4. And I made cookies, similar my onesie cookies, last weekend. These were shaped like the state of TN and I put a little star where Memphis would be. And the saddest part of that craft is they are gone!

Hopefully we'll come back refreshed, and ready to craft AND post.

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