Bombs Over Bad Guac

>> Friday, April 10, 2009

we're soaking up every minute of fun at the beach

half the fun is always in the kitchen

but the avocados were not ripe this year

hungry men didn't seem to care

they have their own idea

the ring leader
{a newly wed}

has recently become fascinated with strange alcoholic concoctions after returning from an all inclusive honeymoon in Mexico

beware of all inclusive trips to Mexico

car + bomb...they even bought their own ingredients

discuss the fact they do not have a shot glass

decide a measuring cup will do

mr. sabbe scratches his head in deliberation

see the good angel on his right shoulder

don't do it bryan

in the end

all succumb to peer pressure

is this supposed to be curdling like this?

1/3 down


it's getting chunky

the crowd gags

The ring leader smiles in defeat

we're not in Mexico anymore

and the guac takes the prize on best good idea gone bad!

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