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>> Sunday, December 28, 2008

We are home from the holidays and I must say we are both glad to be here. Prior to heading north to visit the fam Mr. Sabbe and I both were running on incredibly frantic schedules, he with his interviews and me with my job, homemade gifts, and Pentateuch test. Visiting with aunts, uncles, cousins, moms, and grandmas in WV was a great way to put a halt to all that hustle and bustle, but after a week of no cell phones, no internet, and not a coffee shop within sight...we are glad to be home.

I woke up this morning excited to go to church and then spend the day relaxing, maybe reading, maybe cuddling with Zoe. But Mr. Sabbe came home with an entirely different agenda. He makes me laugh. While some days I think we share the same brain, on others I think we could not be two more opposite beings.

Here is how our arrival home has gone.


6:30 pm: Arrive home
6:31 pm: Mr. Sabbe begins to unload car, I help
6:38 pm: Mr. Sabbe tells me he'll bring in all the stuff if I put it away in the proper room
6:45 pm: I loose focus and begin picking photos out to put in the new frames my aunt got us for Christmas
7 pm: I'm hungry
7:01 pm: Mr. Sabbe unpacks his entire suitcase. Places the dirty clothes in the hamper, hangs his dress shirts, puts away his shoes.
I neatly place my suitcase on my side of the room, zippers facing out, so that I may get my things out as needed.
7:30- We eat! and rent a movie
11 pm- After movie and SNL rerun we go to get ready for bed. Pilot light in the hot water heater is out....again!
11 pm- 12am - Mr. Sabbe bravely walks down to our very scary (dirt wall and floors) basement and attempts to light the pilot light. But due to the amount of rain, the basement is flooded and the pilot light will not spark.
12:01 am- Mr. Sabbe is unhappy about the results, but is persuaded to go to bed and try again in the morning.


7:30 am- After three snoozes it's back to the basement to try, try again.
7:45 am- Still no luck. We go to church with no shower. Mr. Sabbe thinks we should sit in the back balcony. I think we smell just fine.
8 am- While getting coffee at church man comments on Mr. Sabbe's lack of shaving. Mr. Sabbe tells him the water heater is broken. Man feels bad for making fun of Mr. Sabbe.
9:30 am- Return home from church. Mr. Sabbe is feeling helpless waiting on neighbor to bring over sump pump to pump the basement. Can't just sit there, read a book, cuddle with Zoe...must do something...anything
10 am- I hear a noise in the kitchen.

Mr. Sabbe: I need you to tell me what shelves some things are supposed to be on.

Mr. Sabbe: Did you know we have two of alot of things?

Me:No buddy I didn't, but I don't think it's that big of a deal.

I'm loving Mr. Sabbe in crazy, OCD mode. I've got to get him away from home and let things break more often.

As my dreams of reading and relaxing are quickly fading away Mr. Sabbe just beckoned me.... Sump pump is here and I'm going to need your help.

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