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>> Sunday, December 21, 2008

Greetings from Nashville!
While my mom went to the Titans game today, Bryan and I stayed home to get some last minute crafting done. Well...Bryan wrote thank you letters for his med school interviews and I crafted. But he was pretty creative with some of those notes...so that counts as dual crafting.

I made these two little dresses for my youngest cousins. Tomorrow we pack the car and head to Harts Creek, WV. Heard of it? Probably not. The closest large town is Charleston. Most of my extended family lives in West Virginia. It has been a couple of years since Bryan and I have made the journey, so we are both very excited. I love, love, love sewing children's clothes so I couldn't let the opportunity to make matching dresses for two little sisters pass by. I wish I had a sister (hint, hint...Mr. Sabbe's brother)

I tried to make the 8 year old's a little more "big girl" in case she doesn't care to dress like a 4 year old. I used my favorite stitch along the bottom of hers and let the lining hang a couple inches below the outer shell of the dress. (excuse the blurry photography...still figuring out my new present)

And since it's winter we included some little white turtle necks. Hope they fit! I'm gauging by pictures...probably not the best idea, but I'm a crafter not a planner...so seriously on keeping the fingers crossed.

I'm not expecting to have Internet during our stay with my grandmother so have a very Merry Christmas!

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