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>> Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The extra special holiday craft that kept me busy during the month of December was this scrapbook quilt I made for my grandmother. I finally used my Michael Miller Bootie prize fabric. I loved it because all of the fabrics that came in that bundle kind of went together, but not in a matchy-matchy way. I think it made each block look more like a sheet of scrapbooking paper. The photos are iron on transfers on white cotton fabric. If you try this use the Avery brand, the photos are more matte and less likely to crack than other brands I've tried. Also pre-wash and dry your fabric before you iron on the photos.

My grandma has 16 grandchildren! She deserved a quilt. I told her every time she uses it she can think of it as all of us giving her a big hug.

I liked the back side, but forgot to take any pictures. I made horizontal stripes out of the scrap fabric and then the main field is chocolate brown.

I wish I lived in the same town as my grandmother. She was telling me about her seniors center and how they eat dinner every Tuesday and Thursday together and do crafts...and sometimes they dance...jealous! She also told me her friend is having an addition put on to her house because she needs more craft room....more jealous! Mr. Sabbe better not wait until I'm 70 to give me a craft room.

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