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>> Friday, August 22, 2008

I was once again addicted to the Olympics last night. I commented to Bryan that I wished this went on all year…which I know would not be possible for a number of reasons and would definitely take all the fun out of it. But I would like to give a big Way to Go to our Canadian neighbors for their awesome platform diver Emilie Heyman. She was a trooper! She is a normal size 26 year old woman who really hung in there when diving against China’s 75 pound Chen Roulin, who ultimately took home the gold. I do like to watch that little bit Roulin and her side kick Wang Xin dive. It’s almost like watching a small child and you can see by my crafts that things relating to children are always cuter. But I do have to point out that it’s not really fair because of course they are going to make a smaller splash, they are super small people.

But back to Emilie…so focused…so talented…and such a graceful silver metal winner! She could have been like several people I’ve seen who get all in a huff and cry and whatnot because they didn’t get first. Hello…I am not especially talented in anything..how would you feel about that? But I do understand that these people train all year for this one thing and it’s very hard not to be emotional about a less than perfect performance.

But I took even more pride in Emilie’s win because her country is connected to ours. I love Canada. Never been there, but I stayed with two Canadians when I was in Cinque Terra a few years ago and they were super cool. And I know some Americans whose parents made them sew Canadian flags on their backpacks that same summer…so I feel like I have a special bond with Canada and thus I was rooting for them hard last night.

The pressure was on and you did your best. Good job Emilie…you make North America proud!

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