Waitress Cookies

>> Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My sweet friend Melissa fed our pets for us this past weekend while we were out of town. I wanted to practice my decorative cookie technique for a shower I am throwing next month so I made her some waitress cookies (since she served our animals food...get it?)

Inspired by my favorite Waitress.


I am still perfecting my technique for mass distribution (baby shower party favors)

I need a piping recipe that is a little harder than what I'm doing now. Any suggestions? I'm just doing the confectioner sugar, egg whites, food coloring recipe. Not hard enough. I need to be able to stack them without them smudging. I tried butter cookies instead of sugar this time. My other major problem the last time I tried these was that the sugar cookies spread too much in the oven and lost their original cookie cutter shape. Any decorative cookie genius' out there that want to share some tips with me? I know you're out there. I've stalked your blogs.

Aren't my pets are so crafty!...and what penmanship.

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