Bye Bye Birdie

>> Friday, August 8, 2008

or better yet...craft accomplished.

I made the birdies today. I love fast crafts. I work half days on summer hours. So I came home and got straight to the birdies. They now reside on my fireplace mantel. My tips for trying this are.

1. Cut a little wider than the pattern on the tail connection. If it gets too tight it's impossible to flip.
2. Iron on some fusible stiffener to the back of the fabric before you sew. If not your sewing machine will suck that little beak right down.
3. Use more fun fabric than I did. I love this fabric for the previous project I bought if for, but I wished I had some more fun blacks and whites or stripes. I do love how they go with the tree outside the window.

I tied them to the branches with brown thread and it turned out really cute because it kind of looks like bird feet.

Oh and did you notice I didn't actually make a mobile? I already had these sticks in this vase and totally forgot about it. When I came home the other night and told Bryan my idea he was like " uh..why don't you just put them on those sticks". Obviously he didn't like the thought of too make stick decorations around the house. So I count this craft and home decorating effort as a team project.

I'm thinking they need names. I had parakeets as a child, Superman and Lemon-Head. Neither of those names are going to work for these birds. Any ideas? They need names so that when Zoe finally notices them I can say "No Zoe leave __________ alone."

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