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>> Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I would like to interrupt this mostly-craft blog to bring you an update on world fashion. I would like to declare a this code red alert. The world has gone mad in the fashion department. Did anyone watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies? I mean seriously!? The world is that the best you can do?

Australia- not the worst. Their Olympians are attractive people so that helped the clothes. But to me it's a cross between flight attendant and freshman sorority girl.
P.S. How did the girl in the middle get to loose her jacket and
neckerchief...doesn't seem fair to me.

I have no comment on this one...except maybe Go Vols! close. This was the best Westernized clothing I saw (the best overall being the traditional African outfits, you can't go wrong with that) These are also attractive people. Love the hats, love that square bottom tie, love the blazer, love the red belt...BUT what's up with that side strap matchy-matchy purse. You were doing so good and then you blew 1992.

And representing the home team we have Mr. Ralph Lauren. Ralph you brought us the polo shirt. You brought us the white top/ khaki bottom beach combo. You brought us the sweater over the shoulders (still not sold on that) Point being, you have defined the sophisticated, classic American look. What is this!? ... obviously stealing from the Aussies on the flight attendant jacket...white pants could go either way with me...but the hat!??! What are we representing, the classic golf caddie look? To me it looks more like something K-Fed or Britney Spears would wear with a wife beater shirt.
The WORST by far was Hungary, but I can't find a good picture.

And let's all give a round of applause to the real heroes of this runway event. The poor Chinese women who had to dance cheerleader style (spirit fingers and all) for the entire ceremony. I thought your outfits rocked, especially the built in water bottle holder on you hip. Fashion is one thing, but survival should always comes first.

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