Bootie Design Development- Phase I

>> Friday, August 15, 2008

So I'm trying really hard to come up with the cutest, most well constructed, best designed booties ever. I know it's a little late seeing as the bootie competition is over, but I obviously have room for improvement...I didn't get first. Which I would like to re-emphasis that I cannot believe I even won. I've been looking at other people's booties all week trying to come up with my new prototype and there were waaaaaaaaaay cuter booties than mine. The judges must have liked green.

Here is where I am. From what I've read of real mom comments, these probably would not stay on very well.

Love the back detail on this one.

And on this one I was trying to pull some inspiration from the first place winner, but it's not really there. I don't like the exposed elastic. Still working on that detail.

I'm obsessed with booties...can you tell?

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