The Cutest Bag I've Ever Made

>> Friday, August 15, 2008

So there are not many bags on this blog, although I've made a million. I went through that phase about 3 years ago, before I discovered blogging. I made baby bags, I made tote bags, I made every type of bag you could think of. At one point my mom had me contracted out to make bags for her friends and then later I subjected myself to making bags for all of my bridesmaids, flower girls, and attendants in my wedding (and I'm from the south, it was not a small wedding party).

Once you go craft you never go back (if that gets as big as that's hot...someone better give me credit). You feel like your selling your friends and family short when you go with store bought...when half the time they would probably like the store bought better. Anyhow, I made a bag this afternoon and I'm very proud of it. I love it. I want to keep it for myself...but it's not for me.

Introducing.... the cutest bag I've ever made.

I love how wide the straps are, it's my favorite part. And I used my favorite stitch to sew the inside to the outside...don't know if you can see that. The best part is I made it in one hour! Raise your hand and I'll come over and teach you how.

This is a self portrait of myself (obviously) and the bag. Don't think of it as blurry...think of it as an action shot.

I call her The Kate Bag

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