Good Design Does Not Equal Good Business

>> Friday, July 25, 2008

So I visited NYC last weekend with my Mom. Visiting NY in the middle of the summer is quite a different experience. Imagine being up close and personal with a billion strangers in the middle of a heat wave...yikes. Despite the heat I had a very good time. I love New York. I love New York more on account of it's appreciation of art and good design. So upon booking my last minute ticket I looked to one of the walls of my workstation and observed a magazine picture I've had hanging up for about a year. Hospitality Design Magazine does an article every year of award winning design and this bakery named Fluff was featured. I loved this shop because they used what appears to be plastic laminate and a bunch of strip fluorescent lights to create an awesome, suck you inside, space...which isn't that the point of retail? And it looked like it was done on a semi-tight are most of my projects. Anyhow I Googled it's location before I left. My Friday afternoon plans included :

1. See the new Bank of America Tower

2. See the Hearst Tower.

2. Have lunch at Fluff.

I had one and two knocked out when low and behold Fluff no longer exists! This beautiful piece of interior design gone! never to be seen with my own two eyes, after hanging on my desk for a year! You can imagine my dismay. I did learn something from this disappointment. Contrary to popular belief among my colleagues, people's main objective when visiting a restaurant is the food...not the design. So while the linear black and white stripes pulled you inside, the cupcakes did not keep you there.

I did get to see the Eliasson Waterfalls!

Here we are at the center of the world.

Thanks to my mom for a super fun weekend!

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