If my husband had a dollar...

>> Saturday, May 3, 2008

If my husband had a dollar for every time I told him I was going to do something like clean the house or put away the laundry and I opted out to do crafts, he would be a rich man.
As I sit in my very, very dirty house, which I am about to clean in just a minute, I am so very proud of my two projects I've completed in the last 24 hours. Most of you know I work half days on Fridays, which is super nice seeing as I occasionally put in 70+ hour work weeks. So after work yesterday I went back to the fabric store for some more practice fabric for my dress patterns. I'm still not 100% loving either dress I've made and am saving my Amy Butler fabric for the perfect dress. Once I get 4-5 completed I am going to post them for a vote. Stay tuned.

So I made this one yesterday afternoon. I do love this dress. I have never tried applique and well, I love it. I will being appliqueing things all over my house from now on. I think it looks like a Flintstones necklace around the neck.

So when I had my success with applique I had to keep going (further delaying my cleaning) and try my first necktie onesie. The great thing about this one is I actually have someone to give it to next weekend. My bible study is having a shower for my friend Amy and she's having a boy. Great timing! Bryan is starting to get super suspicious of all the baby clothes building up.

Like Homemade by Jill writes, where I got the idea, this is instant craft satisfaction. Super easy. Now I must go clean.

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