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>> Monday, April 28, 2008



I finally made the dress! I have made little dresses before, but never with this new pattern. This is actually my trial run on cheap fabric. My fun Amy Butler fabric has not arrived yet, so I thought it would be a good idea to practice on some less fun fabric. Although I think the frogs turned out very cute. I do wish I had a loaner kid to try it on and make sure it hangs right and isn't itchy or anything where I surged it. I was a picky clothes kid, so I try to relate to picky clothes kids when sewing.

Maybe I'll bring one to the church nursery on Sunday. Although I might be permanently banned from helping in the nursery if someone catches me trying random clothes on their kids.

I want to alter the pattern a bit so that the dress can be reversible. But as far as the Cooper Young Festival goes, I'm one dress down, a whole lot more to go. I'll probably hate these things after this. My poor (future) girls will have to wear store bought clothes...which I'm sure they'll love way more.

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