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>> Sunday, March 9, 2008

Could the owner of this 2007 Hummer please report to the what the heck were you thinking line. I'm going to just go ahead and state the obvious that the owner of this heavy duty, front-chain-bearing, extra large tire on the roof (in the event that someone throws spike nails down in the middle of the Kroger parking lot) has not seen An Inconvenient Truth. And that is fine,not every is a fan of Mr. Gore. They were probably too busy hiking the treacherous terrain known as mid-town Memphis.

I laughed out loud when we pulled up next to this car when stopping at the grocery store this morning. It's not that I haven't seen Hummers. I have. It's just that this one in particular made no qualms about blatantly representing how crudely unnecessary they are in urban/suburban America.

Maybe this guy spends the other 6 days a week using his Hummer on a farm, or in combat, or something, but in the context of this parking lot it was really funny. Maybe he (and I say he in a rather assumptuous way, perhaps it was a woman) was sick of people letting their carts bang up his little Honda. I think if a cart hit this thing the front grill might open and eat it.

More importantly I worry that this person, assuming they live on a farm or are involved in some far off domestic combat, is spending entirely too much money commuting due to the $3.06 I paid at the pump today and there are no farms or combat near my area. I mean $3.06! When I graduated from High School, less than 10 years ago, I remember on occasion paying less than a dollar for a gallon of gas.

But the point of this email is not to condemn Hummer drivers, it's just to throw out there that there are other options. And send an FYI that Hummers don't equal the cool, rich, tough look any more. They equal the crazy look. Unless you meet the exceptions provided above and if that is the case could you please provide some sort of bumper sticker indicating the purpose of the vehicle. Until then here are the Top ten fuel efficient cars to consider for your next grocery trip.

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