Baby Burp Cloth

>> Sunday, March 23, 2008

My friend Lanier came over Tuesday night and led a craft party at my house. The craft of the night was crocheting. We all crocheted borders around a baby burp cloth. Crocheting is a pretty tedious little craft. I am impressed little old ladies can do this. I finished today and my hands are so sore. I'm not sure if old age equals arthritis. I'm starting to think it's crafting.
And the question again is, are you and Bryan trying to have a baby? I think my recent crafts are really starting to make the in-laws worry, but no there is no baby in our near future. I have just recently discovered that baby crafts are way more fun and way cuter than big people crafts.

And who needs a baby when you have this little bundle of joy (again, thank God I'm married or you could all be worried)

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