My Second Born: Re-Upholstered Wingback Chairs {before and after}

>> Friday, December 2, 2011

I guess they are actually my second and third born. It started almost a year ago with a pair of these. $75 on craig's list.

I started pulling them apart the week we moved into our new apartment. Sounded a lot more fun than unpacking.
I injured myself a couple of times. 
And after much more labor than it took to have Remi, the twins were born.
They're fraternal, not quite identical, with differences only their mother would know. 
They are not perfect, but just like my first born, I love them like they are.
Our apartment is very corporate housing-esk. So I wanted to use a crazy, bold pattern to liven it up. Being a first upholstery attempt, I also wanted to use the cheapest fabric possible. I have about a 60% DIY project success rate and I did not have high hopes for this one. I found this outdoor fabric for $35/chair. We have already spilled spaghetti sauce on it, which cleaned up nicely. And surprising everyone, especially myself, I finished the chairs.

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