Blow it Up

>> Tuesday, November 22, 2011

When I was in college we had to get up in front of our peers and professors ever so often and endure a "jury."  Juries were rarely fun, and regardless of whether I thought my project at the time was good or bad, I always had a mini heart attack. I recall on one occasion getting really beat  up for something being proportionally wrong. Trying to get good feedback before I returned to my studio to make adjustments, I asked, "so you are saying I should just blow it up?" The very dry humored panel replied, "well it's not that bad, baha ha ha ha ha." Tired, nervous, and cracked out on diet coke and Starbucks, I did not laugh.

Obviously I meant "enlarge" by the phrase "blow it up." And something I am loving enlarged these days is photography. Not just enlarged, jumbo.

And my favorite
Only Jordan Ferney could make a baby in a closet this endearing. 

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