All The Things We Cannot Unsee

>> Tuesday, January 3, 2017

One night last year my good friend Jenny and I were laying in a hotel bed, exhausted after a day spent running around ADAC. The lights were out, we had just left an awards gala where we had soaked in all of the top design talents from the southeast, and she whispered, "don't you wish you just didn't know the difference?" I knew what she meant immediately, sighed yessssss and fell asleep.

I'm not a car person, I wear clothes from Old Navy, and the most expensive pair of shoes I own are probably my tennis shoes but I've seen Christopher Spitzmiller lamps and velvet upholstery fabric so luscious that touching it once is not enough. And I've seen flawlessly installed dentil molding. And that, those architectural details; the tile joints, the drywall imperfections, the overuse of caulk to fix the bad trim cuts.  That is the part that will eventually kill me (such a noble death) Hopefully not, but it's looking likely. And sometimes, for my own sanity, it would be nice to not know the difference.

But sanity is probably overrated, right!? Because these details are absolutely not...

Charleston - Traditional - Living room - Images by SLC Interiors | Wayfair:
Paolo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam Ltd. Makes A Case For Extravagant Interiors:
One day I will tell you how hard it is to be a feminist and be brought to tears over a bad base detail.
I not only see all the stuff but I occasionally feel all the feelings.
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