About Me

1. My name is Stephanie.
2. I like to make lists.
3. I have a cute husband we call Mr. Sabbe and an even cuter baby named Remi. 
4. I have wanted to be an interior designer since the second grade.
5. If typos drive you nuts, this is probably not the blog for you.
6. I don't care if they make you look wider, I'm a big fan of horizontal stripes.
7. I love Jesus, coffee, and Bon Iver (in that order).
8. This blog used to have lots of pretty pictures, but one day Google+ deleted most of them.
9. I am still working on fixing that.
10. I'm a southerner living in Boston, clinging dearly to the word y'all.
11. I am on the endangered species list.
12. I own a little design business.


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