How I Became an Interior Designer : Part 2

>> Friday, March 20, 2015

Let's see, the next chapter of my story is probably in high school. But I think it's worth noting that I watched a million episodes of Designing Women in between. So I did have some continuing education after my original revelation.

But high school, I was ok at high school. I did everything just ok. I applied myself here and there, but reflecting back on high school as an adult, I could have tried a lot harder. I took the ACT (sans studying), applied to college (just one) and was accepted....BUT....did not get accepted to the interior design program. I met with our school counselor about what major I would declare and I remember her telling me that maybe interior design was not for me. UT only took around 15 students into the program every year and my academic performance thus far was not going to get me into that select group.  But instead of being all what kind of dream crushing school counselor are you!? I accepted the challenge, checked undeclared, and headed over to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to pick out some extra-long twin sheets.

^^^what's a blog post without a picture?^^^
There are overalls under that awesome pullover, in case you were curious. AND in my hair, naturally curly, is  pushed back with one of those comb headbands. Pin away.

So I went to college and for the first time in my academic career, I decided I needed to do more than just ok. I scheduled a meeting with the Dean of the Interior Design program, who told me that they take a handful of non-freshman students every year based on portfolio review. I spent the second semester of my freshman year in various art studios, with some really cool people who were forging their own academic paths, and it.was.awesome. I re-applied that spring and guess what, senior year school counselor?? the faux fortune teller was right. I was accepted. Stephanie Frye was still on track to becoming an interior designer.

And if you happen to have made it this far and are thinking, why did I read this, I don't even want to be an interior designer? My husband, who just finished his training at a Harvard Hospital, who DID study for his ACT, and is the most handsome nerd I know, did not get accepted into medical school the first time he applied.

So, don't let rejection stop you. It's actually been a re-occurring theme in my career, but more on that later! Part 3 coming soon.

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