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>> Monday, December 1, 2014

Right now, 90% of my workload is still outside the state of TN, which has actually been working out great. I have been working with out of town clients since I went out on my own back in 2009. My first residential project was in Manhattan. One client I have been working with for a while is in Rochester. I get a lot of text pics from out of town clients, as they are basically my constant on-sight eyes. Here are some recent ones from Rochester. 

A teeny powder bath getting some navy + Teil Duncan action.
I think the very first thing we did in this house was wallpaper the foyer. It was a great jumping off point in that I knew if she was going to let me use this wallpaper, she was going to let me do some really fun things:)
This room used to be a dark, wood paneled office. They were going to rip the paneling down because they didn't think it felt like a kid's room.
I convinced them to just paint it. Now I want full height paneling in all of my nursery projects.
I posted this beaut on my IG account this weekend. My client's dad made this. And it's kind of amazing how well the wood coloring works with the Samantha French print. I love Samantha French's work.
We actually used another one of her prints for a client in Ann Arbor earlier this year. Such tranquil, happy pieces. 

But the furniture dilemma in Rochester was mixing styles. Nellie had this antique piece (below) from a family member. And then we purchased the reclaimed dining table. The third piece was tricky. I didn't want to do anything painted. I thought it would cheapen the space. But I thought introducing another wood species would just be too much. So her dad made her this clean lined buffet (she leans more towards modern) and the wood matches her antique piece. 

I swear I almost died/cried when she sent me the photos. It's just perfect. 
Just waiting on hardware. 

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