To Market, To Market

>> Monday, October 13, 2014

I am going to High Point Market in North Carolina this weekend! Are you? I am very excited. I have wanted to go for years but being in Boston with two little babies and a husband in residency made it basically impossible. But now that we're back in Nashville, I'm there! Say hi if you will be there too.

Speaking of Nashville, my oh, my you have gotten so cool in our absence. I read an article Saturday afternoon about the Biscuit Love Truck that is parked in the front of White's Mercantile on Sunday mornings. So after church we made a beeline that way. Bryan and I both had The Princess, so good.

And White's Mercantile, such a well curated space! Reminded me a little bit of Hudson in Boston, but more general store-esk. In heaven, I will roam through one continuous general store. I spent an hour this summer in Alley's General Store on Martha's Vineyard while my husband threw Cheddar Bunnies into the back seat to keep our children at bay. I bought a set of blue gingham napkins and held out hope for the entire 60 minutes that I was going to run into the Obamas. Did not happen.

I am very proud of this pretty city I grew up in, although this level of coolness has only left Bryan and I acutely aware of how uncool we are. He cannot grow a beard to save his life and I have had one too many kids to attempt to wear my jeans above my belly button. Unless mom jeans worn by actual mom bodies is coming back, I got that:)

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