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>> Thursday, May 29, 2014

Remember this house? It looks like this now. White really does fix everything. Shiplap going up in the kitchen this week. This one's going to be a beaut.
Bryan Sabbe took his first selfie...
..with instructions to show Remi (who says he wants to work in the hos-i-pital). But Remi, internet...same thing, right? I keep telling the kid that my job is way more fun than the hos-i-pital.

I recently obtained some free flowers for a photoshoot. Living on the edge. I would like to shoot all projects during Dogwood season. But eventually I would end up in jail.

If my 2D floor plans are not cutting it for you, you can plan out your furniture with newspaper like this client did. She cracks me up, so precise. It was like Flat Stanley, but flat living room. Who would like flat living room mailed to their house!? 
And then she let me go all crazy on this wall, sans newspaper plans.
Living on the edge.
I painted a pair of these spindle beds I found on CL last week. Not the easiest thing to paint.
And then I moved on to this monster this week.
Priming inside of a 5x8 storage unit. Really glamorous stuff going on over here. RIP, brain cells.
All three beds are for a really special project I am working on for a local non-profit. Will share more soon!

Move over Super White, I have a new love, Wicked White. So New England. 
Using this in a really fun South End project.

Remi took a stab as my intern.  His presentation skills were pretty lacking and he required way too many snacks. Nepotism is always a little tricky. 
Then I found Katherine.
Total diva, cannot really read her writing...but she pretty much nails it in the fashion department.
And she's obviously been reading design mags. Fancy heels seem to be in every stylist's prop bag these days.

After five years of visiting, I just noticed my friend Natalie's back stairs are the most awesome shade of green.

I found three stools in my building's dumpster, so naturally they are now in my storage unit. I have no idea what I will do with them. I already have our old stools in storage to make room for the kids play table. Old habits die hard.

And we're still in construction on this little bathroom in Cambridge. Here was the before.  I love how you can see the ceiling fixture in the mirror. Such a nice surprise thoroughly planned and executed design feature.
Among other things, we are still waiting on doors for that laundry closet. But we added a laundry closet in a previously non-laundry apartment! That's big time city stuff right there.

Speaking of befores. I recently showed my tile guy this post to show him how we used his product. He said, "that's cool how you just put the 12x12 right on the wall with no top cap" which of course was the before. Come on, Victor.

And that is what I have spared y'all from oversharing on Instagram!

Speak of Instagram. Can I just ask, what is going on when a 72 year old lady has less wrinkles than me?

I'm all about filtering, but I think we all need to take a cue from Jenny and practice keeping it real.
 Hands down, my favorite IG account.

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