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>> Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Whew, it has been a season. Well two seasons to be exact, summer and fall. Since I came back from maternity leave in May it has been non-stop-crazy-town over here. Have you ever waited tables? When I used to wait tables during my college summers I would come in around 5 o'clock, fairly composed. By seven I was running around like a crazy lady, holding my breath and crossing my fingers things would happen like they were supposed to. And then in the next second I am rolling silverware, a little bit high on the fact that I did not dump a water in anyone's lap.  Sometimes that's what being an interior designer feels like.

So I am about to be in the silverware rolling phase of a condo renovation in Cambridge. And as far as final touches go, one of the things I am most excited about is this little window (when the ivy is in bloom it's even better).

Initially my clients wanted to remove the window, but I kind of liked it and then the home owners association said no way, so the window stayed. It used to have drywall running to the edge, but we framed it out and created a more architecturally substantial element. But what really excited me about the window was the potential to curate a really cool indoor garden.

Ahh to have a place to put plants where my children can not eat them. 

What are your favorite indoor plants? You know who always has the best indoor gardens? Graphic designers. Seriously, every graphic designer I know lives in a house like the one in the last image. Architecturally sound, super tidy, carefully curated mid century-esk furniture and zero junk laying around. Where is all your junk, graphic designers?!

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